Jon Young Ward 3

Hello neighbors, I am Jon Young, the proud Alderman of Ward 3. Except during my active duty service in the Air Force, I have lived my entire life in Valley Park and have resided at 61 Crescent Ave for the past 20+ years. My wife Michele and I have been married for 29 years and both of our children, Erica and Daniel, graduated from Valley Park High School. Growing up here I liked that our town was small and everyone knew each other, we were a true community. Even though our city has grown exponentially, it still has that small town feel and I am proud to call it home. I believe we are on the verge of becoming an even better city to live in. We are becoming an attractive place for new businesses and residents to find out why we love our city so much. I am dedicated each day to improve our ward and the city of Valley Park. While I acknowledge that I or no one else has all the answers, we can find common ground and practical solutions if we actively come together to solve our issues. If you have any ideas to help make our city even better please call or email me.

Warmest Regards

Jon Young

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