Laurie Henderson

My name is Laurie Henderson and it is my honor to serve as your Alderman from Ward 2.  I have lived in Valley Park all my life and I love this town dearly.  I married my high school sweetheart (although I don’t call him that anymore) and I have four children and two grandchildren.

My goal as your alderman is to make sure Valley Park keeps that ‘home town feel’ and make it the envy of St. Louis County.  It is and will continue to be a safe place to raise a family.

We have gone through many changes through the years.  We have endured some negative publicity.  But our city has turned the corner and there are good things happening all over our town.  I take pride in our little piece of heaven and I hope you do also.  Our Board continues to strive to bring the very best to our community --- including people, businesses, parks and exciting events.  This Board works for you and as a result, we would love the public’s input to be able to reach and surpass our residents’ expectations.

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