Mike White Ward 4

I grew up in Rochester New York, attended Monroe Community College and Rochester Institute of Technology. I moved to Frederick Maryland and lived there for about 5 years with my future wife. In 1994, I was recruited to Washington University to establish and operate the Core Facility that I still direct today. I moved to Valley Park in 1996, and got involved in local politics in 2001. I have been married to my wife for 21 years, we have 2 children, my daughter is planning to attend University of Kansas, and my son is in middle school.

I have served on nearly every Committee in the city and chaired many at one time or another. I have served as the Finance Ways and Means chairman for 10 years. The FWM committee under my leadership has implemented many changes over the years. We had the first balanced line item budget approved by the fiscal deadline in Valley Park and have been refining this every year. We have established reserves where none existed before in the General Revenue, Sanitation, and Restricted Sales Tax funds. The City's S&P rating has continually been upgraded during my tenure, most recently to an A+ in March of 2013.

I love to ski and try to get out to Colorado once a year, I attend an occasional ski meeting for work too. I also love the beach and fishing and get away to the Outer Banks, Destin and other beaches as often as I can. I am a Missouri Youth Soccer Association certified coach and have worked with both boys and girls teams over the past 9 years.

I really enjoy serving the public, I find it challenging but rewarding. I feel that the experience I have gained in the political arena has allowed me to bring more to the table at Wash U at the same time, my position at Wash U has allowed me to bring more to the city of Valley Park.

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