Sanitation Department:


Service Cost Residential

Residential Sanitation pickup is $54.00 per quarter.

Pickup Limits:

3 solid waste containers specifically designated for storage of solid waste with a maximum of forth-five (45) gallons and 2 plastic sacks with a capacity limit of 39 gallons.

No container shall weigh more than sixty (60) lbs.

All solid waste containers shall be in good repair.

Collection points shall be where the street and curb meet.


Service Cost Light Commercial

Light Commercial Sanitation pickup is: $120.00 per quarter for 1 – 95 gallon tote, $180.00 per quarter for 2 – 95 gallon tote, with two pickups per week.

Deposit of Light Commercial Totes: The trash container will be a 95 gallon tote and there will be a $40 deposit per tote.

Purchase of Light Commercial Totes: The trash container will be 95 gallon tote and the cost will be $70.00.


Recycling Program

The City of Valley Park has 64 gallon recycling carts to be used for recycling Goods Only – no household trash.

The following is the guidelines for receiving the cart:

  1. Residents will be required to come by City Hall and complete a registration card.  At this time a delivery date will be scheduled providing we have a confirmed delivery date from the vendor.  The card will include the name of the homeowner, address of the homeowner with a serial number that is stamped into the card registered on file and a disclosure statement on the card stating that the serialized recycling cart is the property of the City of Valley Park for specified address on the card and the property owner is required to transfer recycling cart back to the City of Valley Park or new property owner in the event they would sell the property or move.
  2. The registration card allows the City of Valley Park to be able to track the recycling carts and be able to provide recycling carts to all current/future residents of the City.  It is our goal to be able to transfer the cart from current homeowner to the next homeowner.
  3. This is a great tool allowing us to continue to provide Single Source Recycling to the residents of Valley Park.  Sing Source Recycling is defined as all recyclable items being collected together in one container and placed at the curb for collection.
  4. The City of Valley Park recycles the following items in a single source method.  Single source recycling is defined as all recyclable items being collected together in one container and placed at the curb for collection.  (You no longer need to separate).


Pickup Times and Holidays

All trash must be out for pick up by 7:00 a.m.

The City of Valley Park observes these dates as holidays.  If a holiday falls on your scheduled pickup day, your trash will be picked up on the next regular working day.

New Year’s Day Independence Day
President’s Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King’s Birthday Veteran’s Day
Truman’s Birthday Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Christmas Day



NORMAL TRASH PICKUP: Monday & Thursday

RECYCLING: Wednesday

Arnold Drive Benton Street Bethany Court Bracadale Drive Carnegie Court
Centenary Court Eighth Street Emmanuel Drive Fifth Street Front Street
Glenbarr Court Glover Hanna Road Highland Village Drive Inverness
Kena Kinross Leonard Marshall Marymount Ct
Moray Court Morehead Court Palm Pharaoh Pyramid
River Drive Rutherglen Seton Hall Court St. Louis Ave Third Street
Vance Road Valparaiso Court Vest Avenue Westwind Estates Court Westwind Estates Lane
Westwind Estates Drive Xavier Court




Ann Avenue Boyd Bungalow Crescent Avenue Crescent Road
Crescent Oaks Court Crescent Ridge Drive Crescent Springs Crescent Valley Court Crescent Woods Drive
Didian Dougherty Lake Estates Eastwind Court Eva Fern Ridge
Florissant Forest Avenue Francis Glenn Brooke Woods Cir Guylyn Lane
Guylyn Place Henard Lane Highland Avenue Highway 141 Hill Drive
Inez Avenue Jefflyn Drive Jefferson Lauren Estates Court Law Court
Lookout Lower Lake Estates Court Main Street Maple Meramec Station Road
Morton Grove Oak Avenue Oak Tree Lane Patricia Hill Plainview
Quinwood Sorlee Drive Treetop Ridge Drive Upper Lake Estates Court Valley View Ridge Drive
Walker Wynstay Avenue Winstay Cir


Yard Waste

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesdays year round, please put in brown yard waste bags or trash cans.  NO PLASTIC.

Limits: 3 trash cans or 6 yard waste paper bags per household.  Limbs and trunks must be less than four (4) inches in diameter, 48 inches in length and tied and bundled not weighing more than 75 lbs per bundle.


Big Trash Pickup

The City of Valley Park provides big trash pickup twice a year at no additional charge.  However for items with a compressor, there is a $25.00 fee.

Please have your items out on the Monday of Big Trash clean up, as we do not know when we will be on your street and cannot guarantee that we will come back a second time.


Infectious Waste

Hypodermic needles and syringes must be handled this way.

  1. Avoid recapping needles
  2. Place used needle directly in a puncture resistant container, such as:
  • A plastic detergent bottle
  • An empty bleach bottle
  • Any heavy duty plastic container
  • Tightly seal the container
  • Place in household trash

Never use a glass container for a needle disposal