Two historic St. Louis County Landmarks are found within Valley Park. 

One of them is the Valley Park Elevator, 2 Marshall Rd., Valley Park, built in 1887, but established in 1874 by Gerhard H. Timmerman, owner of the Valley Park Milling Company. The Valley Park Elevator is the last grain elevator in St. Louis County. It consists of two frame buildings connected by a one-story scale pit shelter. A hardware store or “working house” is separate from the elevator itself, called the “bin.” The picturesque quality and continued usefulness of the elevator were threatened by the widening of Meramec Station Road, in which the front porch and one corner of the hardware store were taken off, but a new entrance was created on the south side of the building.  The elevator was sold several times over the years until the Grellner family purchased the elevator in 1976 and have run the elevator and hardware store ever since.

Second one is the Sacred Heart Church, 10 Ann Ave., Valley Park, 1907-1908, though the parish was established in Valley Park in 1903. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the visual focus of Valley Park, with its tall spire, one of the most striking in the county, given added emphasis by it hillside setting. Construction of the Romanesque-style church was a community effort. Land was donated by the Valley Park Land Company in 1904, and much of the funding came from deductions from the paychecks of the parishioners/factory workers.