Jefferson Avenue Project

The City of Valley Park is proud to announce plans for JEFFERSON AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS. This roadway is being reconstructed to preserve this corridor allowing traffic to flow on a well maintained roadway.

The proposed improvements consist of realigning a portion of the roadway, widening pavements and, and the installation of curbs and additional storm sewers. A new 8’ wide sidewalk will be installed on the west side of Main Street and a 5’ wide sidewalk will be installed along the west side of Jefferson Avenue.

This project will only displace one resident within the project limits. Additional temporary construction easements, permanent roadway easements, permanent sidewalk easements and permanent sewer easements have been obtained for this project. Additional utility easements may be required and a representative from the City will be contacting you this fall if this project requires such an easement on your property.

Construction for this project is scheduled to start in Spring 2016. Construction will be approximately $2 million dollars.

Note: "This project is being processed in accordance with federal rules and regulations. Plans will be subject to review by FHWA. If federal funds are used in right-of-way acquisition and/or construction, the percentage of federal funds will be in accordance with current regulations. Relocation advisory assistance will be available for all persons displaced as a result of this improvement. Information on relocation assistance programs will be provided, if applicable."