Levee Trail


Runs from Marshall Road and Railroad Tracks to Railroad Tracks behind Leonard Park.


Opens at sunrise, closes at sunset.


Paved 3.2 miles.


The rules listed below as well as rules specific for an individual trail will be posted at the trailhead(s) as well as included in trail literature.

  1. Approved trail uses will be posted.
  2. Trails may only be used at times when the park is officially open per City ordinance.
  3. Motorized vehicles (except maintenance and emergency types) are prohibited. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted.
  4. Individuals using a trail shall move at a speed that does not endanger the life or property of another user. Individuals shall not impede the flow of traffic on a trail.
  5. On trails with lane markings, individuals shall remain on the right and pass on the left.
  6. Trails may be closed for general public use for authorized special events, construction, hazardous weather or natural condition. Upon closure the trail will be properly posted. The trail will be reopened as soon as feasible.
  7. All bicycles and roller sports yield to pedestrians.
  8. Painting or marking of trees, stones, etc. is prohibited. Nailing into trees is prohibited.
  9. Trail repair or improvement work may only be completed by personnel authorized by the Park Director and may include volunteers under department supervision.
  10. Users must remain in the trail tread.
  11. Users must alert others when passing from behind.
  12. Helmets are required for all wheeled conveyances per City Ordinance.