Street Snow Removal

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing snow and ice control for the City’s streets and parking lots. To help provide this service, the City has developed a Snow and Ice Control Plan.

The goal of the Snow and Ice Control Plan is to make City streets safe and accessible during the winter season.

Responding to a snow and ice storm is made more difficult due to variable conditions encountered during each storm. The rate and accumulation of snowfall, moisture content, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and velocity, and duration are all factors that interact to create a unique aspect for each storm with the result that no two storms are ever identical.

The Public Works Department’s goal is to provide the best service possible to our citizens during and after a snow and ice event. There are several things that you can do to help the City achieve this goal.

  • When it starts to snow, please do not park your car on City streets. Continue parking off the street until Public Works has completed its snow clearing operations on your street. This will help City crews travel City streets more safely and allow crews to clean snow from the street and parking lanes to the curbs.
  • Do not push snow into the City streets. This creates a hazard to the public, is a violation of City Ordinance, and puts an additional burden on the Public Works Department.
  • Please shovel snow from your sidewalk and driveway into your yard. Place snow from your driveway off the street and to the left-hand side of the driveway. This will reduce the volume of snow that will be placed in your driveway when the street is plowed.