Fall Leaf Collection


The City of Valley Park Public Works Department will begin its fall curbside leaf collection starting in November.

Residents should put leaves at the curb or edge of street (not in the street) and should NOT be co-mingled with brush and pine needles.

For the safety of the workers and equipment, sticks, plants, root balls, metal objects, bricks, logs, animal waste must be kept out of the pile. Piles of leaves with such debris will NOT be collected to avoid injuries and equipment damage which will cause delays. Please do not block fire hydrants, storm drains, or mailboxes with your leaf pile.

Bagged material or co-mingled material and pine needles will not be picked up. Please pile loose leaves in an open area next to the curb away from trees, posts and mailboxes to assist in speedy collection and to minimize damage to equipment.

The Public Works Department will be by in once in November and once in December. Please keep a look out for sings in your area for pick-up date.

Residents are reminded that raking leaves into the street increases pollution of storm water and may cause flooding by blocking drainage structures. Most importantly, piles of leaves in the street are a dangerous attraction to young children.

It is not possible to accurately tell residents the exact day their leaves will be picked up, Public Works will be placing signs with date that will indicate when we will be in your area. If you have any questions please call the Public Works Department at (636) 225-5171 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.