Frisco Park


Beckett Memorial Drive & St. Louis Avenue


0.1 Acre.


Open at sunrise, closes at sunset.


  • Benches
  • Flag Pole
  • Caboose


1935 Caboose

Original 1935 Frisco Caboose #398. Originated in Valley Park, Missouri. Moved to Ameren U.E. Country Club in 1962. Donated back to the City of Valley Park Department of Parks and Recreation on November 3, 1998.

Frisco Park

These planters date back to 1913 and were originally home to the  Old Frisco Railroad  Depot in Valley Park, MO. When the Frisco Railroad removed the depot in the late 1970s, at the request of Walt Jessen, a retired railroad foreman the planters were transported by crane to his residence  on Forest Avenue. The City of Valley Park approached the Jessen family about  moving the planters back to Frisco Park. The “Jessen Family” all agreed to donate the planters to the city and they have been placed near their original location June 20, 2013.