Municipal Court

Due to the continuing national and local emergency, the Valley Park Municipal Division has canceled the 6-10-2020, 6-17-2020 and 7-8-2020 court dockets.

When a court date is canceled, notices will be mailed to the last known address on file with the court. As delivery of notices may be affected & court date information for cases is publicly available, please review your case on either of the sites listed for your current court date.  Please note it may take a week before the records are all fully updated. You may also call the court office during business hours for court date information.

Please call the court if you need to update your mailing address to receive court mailings.

For tickets issued PRIOR to February 5, 2020:

For tickets issued AFTER February 5, 2020:

You can receive reminders of your court date by registering for “Track your case” at and following the instructions.

Municipal courts are authorized by the Missouri Constitution and are part of the circuit courts. They are open to the public. The purpose of these courts is to provide you with a place to obtain a fair and impartial trial on any alleged violation of a city ordinance. While this is a general overview of your rights in municipal court, each individual court may have local rules that may apply to your case. Please check with your local municipal court for the local court rules.

Municipal courts are a court of law established to protect the rights of all citizens. If there is anything you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask the judge any questions.

Contact Information

Court Administrator - Jessica Clayton - [email protected] - (636)225-5696

Prosecutor's Assistant - Tami Trulove - [email protected] - (314)922-3655

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steven J. Clark Municipal Judge
Tim Engelmeyer Prosecuting Attorney
Tami Trulove Prosecuting Attorney’s Assistant (314) 922-3655
Jessica Clayton Court Administrator 636-225-5696