Recycling Program


The City of Valley Park has 64 gallon recycling carts to be used for recycling Goods Only – no household trash.

The following is the guidelines for receiving the cart:

  1. Residents will be required to come by City Hall and complete a registration card.  The card will include the name of the homeowner, address of the homeowner with a serial number that is stamped into the card registered on file and a disclosure statement on the card stating that the serialized recycling cart is the property of the City of Valley Park for specified address on the card and the property owner is required to transfer recycling cart back to the City of Valley Park or new property owner in the event they would sell the property or move.
  2. The registration card allows the City of Valley Park to be able to track the recycling carts and be able to provide recycling carts to all current/future residents of the City.  It is our goal to be able to transfer the cart from current homeowner to the next homeowner.
  3. The City of Valley Park recycles the following items in a single source method except glass.  Single source recycling is defined as all recyclable items being collected together in one container and placed at the curb for collection. 
  4. Glass products will have to be dropped off at our depositories and the locations are as follows: 320 Benton St. (City Hall), 20 Main St. (Valley Park School Bus Parking Lot) and 47 Marshall Rd. (Meramec Valley Plaza).