Levee Maintenance & Inspection


The City of Valley Park Levee was built and completed in 2005 to provide flood protection to the lower east end of the city. The Levee is 3.1 miles long and inspection to both sides of the Levee equal 6.2 miles. The City Inspects the Levee with the CORP twice a year. The levee components gates and flood protection doors are closed and maintained once a year to assure proper sealing of doors and all gates.

Adequate routine levee inspections and maintenance is essential for providing a reliable flood protection system, reducing the risk of flooding and loss of life and property, as well as maintaining compliance with State and Federal regulations. Adequate levee maintenance also ensures the accessibility and serviceability during flood events for emergency work.

  1. Inspections
  2. Control Vegetation
  3. Manage Animal Burrows
  4. Repair Erosion
  5. Secure Long-term Permits
  6. Ensure Reliable Funding Sources
  7. Written Reports